About Us

Welcome to Saavi Photography!

Envisioned and started by a Delhi University alumnus in 2018, Saavi is a Lucknow-based Photography studio, aimed at providing top-notch photography and production solutions.

A perfect example of passion-turned-profession, Saavi is a product of diligent hardwork and dedication, on part of its teammates.

At Saavi, our motivation to work isn't limited by boundations of business or the monetary part of it- we are strongly driven by the pleasure it involves in bringing smiles to our clients.


For Saavi, it is quite important to understand the nature of our clients, therefore Saavi tries to firmly gel up with their clients. Also punctuality is our top priority, Saavi always manages to keep a timely relationship with the clients. Apart from all, Saavi believes in creating bonds through their services.

We believe that our clients deserve the best.

That's why we help capture the best moments of the most memorable days of their lives.

Wordsmith - Sagar Malik